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Below are some resources that I find helpful as a Juliana miniature pig owner.  This website was created for current and potential pig owners.  It lists a lot of useful information. :  The Juliana Pig Association and Registry is a wonderful group that was put together for Juliana pig owners. All registered breeders are required to follow a Code of Ethics.  There is also a ton of information provided about the breed and miniature pig care. :  This website is great if you do not have a local feed store.  You can get miniature pig food and supplies, such as harnesses here.  They have special feed for all ages of pigs, including young and senior pigs.  They also have some great pages on mini pig care. There is a wonderful pig health section where you can buy supplements, vitamins, laxatives, cold meds, etc. :  Similar to healthypigs, pigs4ever offers a lot of different nutritional supplements and supplies. :  This website is a blog about miniature pigs.  It discusses the different types of pigs and answers questions submitted by miniature pig owners. : This website focuses on potbellied pigs.  Although a lot of what they discuss doesn't apply to Juliana miniature pigs, I still found it a good resource.

If you are thinking about purchasing a pet miniature pig, please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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