Kimber Ranch

About Horse Boarding

The back four acres of the property are dedicated to horse boarding. The property is fenced with hot tape and field fencing. 


6 private paddocks: Each paddock is approximately 150' x 40'.  Horses are provided with a shelter and water supply.  Paddocks are made of hot tape, and all T- posts are capped.  $235 per month.  1 paddock still available

1 semi private paddock: Paddock is approximately 150' x 80'.  Room for two horses.  Large shelter provided.  $225 per horse per month.  Full

Pasture: 3-4 horses are allowed to roam the back area of the property between the paddocks and arena.  It is about three acres of free space.  Shelter is provided via space in the hay barn.  $220 per month.  Pasture is full currently. Wait list available. 

Arena: 80' x 141' sand arena. Barrels are provided for those who want to practice.  Sand to be added in the spring.

Round Pen: To be installed soon.

Trailer parking: Free trailer parking for boarders

Tack storage
: Free tack storage in the tack room on site

Wash Rack

Trails: The facility has access to miles and miles of trails in all directions.

Hay Barn: A large hay barn holds enough hay for the year for the horses. Horses are fed a mix of oat or rye and alfalfa.

Farrier and Vet: The facility has a farrier come out every few weeks.  She does excellent work and has very reasonable prices.  Boarders are welcome to use her services.  The ranch also has a great vet.  She comes out once a year to float teeth at a discounted rate.

Trainer: There is a very talented trainers available for reasonable rates. 

This is a very laid back facility. All types and levels of riders are welcome here.

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