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Questions About Juliana Mini Pigs

Where are you located?

We are located outside of Sacramento, CA.  We can ship pigs to anywhere in the US.

How much are your pigs?  

Their prices are listed above their pictures.

Are the pigs purebred?

All of the pigs at this ranch are purebred, pedigreed Juliana pigs. I do not have other kinds of mini pigs on the property, so there are no chances of "accidents."

Why are they so expensive?!

Juliana pigs are a very rare breed of mini pig. Unlike Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs, which were bred down over the years to become smaller, Julianas are naturally small. They are the smallest of all types of miniature pigs. Since they are so rare and hard to come by, they cost more, just like purebred dogs do. However, realize that you are buying a companion that you will have for years to come. Ultimately, they cost pennies a day to own. I also can work out a payment plan to make purchasing a mini buddy easier for you.  My prices for my purebred Juliana pigs are competitive.  Also, all of our pigs are sold neutered or with a spay contract.  They are also vaccinated and wormed.  The great lengths we take to make sure our pigs are healthy costs us quite a bit of money.

What are the benefits of mini pigs?

Mini pigs are allergy free and can be litterbox and harness trained. They are smarter than a dog and love to cuddle like cats.

When can I take my miniature pig home?

I will NOT ship/ send a piglet to its new home until it is fully weaned.  It is very important to keep a pig with its mother until it is weaned to ensure that the piglet is healthy.  I like to keep a pig for a week after it has been weaned to make sure that it is fully understanding the concept of eating solid food before you put it through the stress of travelling.  Before a piglet leaves the ranch, it will have already been spayed/ neutered, had two rounds of vaccinatons and deworming, and had a minimum of two vet checks to make sure it's healthy.

Why do you spay and neuter them, even if I don't plan on breeding my Juliana pig?

If you buy your pig as a pet, not for breeding, I require that it be spayed or neutered.  This is not as an attempt to prevent you from breeding it; it's to make sure that you are happy with your pig.  Unneutered and unspayed pigs smell worse, tend to be moodier, and have other various issues.  Since I want you to be happy with your pig, I spay or neuter it to prevent these issues from affecting your relationship.  The following website describes it better than I can:

What if I get a pig and decide it's not the right pet for me?

If at any point you decide that you can no longer keep your pet pig, Kimber Ranch will gladly take your pig back and find a new home for it.  I try to be as transparent as possible when I advertise my pigs.  I want all potential buyers to know what they are getting before they buy a pig.  My hope is that this will lead to less pigs ending up in homes that aren't prepared for the responsibility of having a pig.

What do miniature pigs eat?

My vet advises mini pigs owners to feed their pigs a diet of 1/3 grains, 1/3 fruits and vegetables, and 1/3 meat.  However, I realize that this is not a feasible option for most mini pig owners.  There are pre made diets for mini pigs available at all feed stores.  The most nutritious one is Mazuri mini pig feed.  Another common one is Farmers pot belly pig feed.  If you do not have a local feed store, you can buy feed online.  Mini pig food runs $9-$15 for a twenty five pound bag.  Remember, miniature pigs are small, so read the suggested amount on the bag.  It's very important that you do not feed your pig dog or cag food.  Dogs and cats are mainly carnivores, and pigs are omnivores. Pigs will not receive proper nutrients from dog or cat food.  Do not underfeed or overfeed them!  I can not stress this enough.  Breeders apparently are telling owners to feed their pigs a small amount of food to keep them small.  The day your pig is born, it's body is already genetically set to grow to a certain size.  Depriving your pig of food to try to keep it small is absolutely cruel.  Nutritionally compromising your pet can lead to multiple health complications that will drastically shorten your pet's lifespan.  On the contrary, overfeeding is just as bad. Obesity is very unhealthy. 

How big will my pig get?

I do not guarantee the size of any pig.  Because they are living creatures, I can only make an educated guess when I sell my pigs.  Pigs grow for up to three years.  When you are interested about a pig, I will tell you the size of both parents as well as the age of the parents.  Based on their sizes and ages, you can get an estimate of what to expect for your pig.  As with people, there are always extremes.  Some pigs will be smaller and some will be larger than their parents. 

Is there a difference between boys and girls?

This is just my opinion based on personal experience, so please take it with a grain of salt.  In general, males seem to be more laid back than females.  Females seem to be more "diva" like.  A good analogy is dogs vs. cats; males remind me more of dogs and females remind me more of cats.  Of course, this is not always the case, so please don't rule out your options until you hear about each available pig.  You can tell at a pretty young age the personality of each pig.  I take pictures and videos of them as they grow so buyers can see what each pig looks and acts like.  Usually, if you tell me what you are looking for, I can give you a few options.

Do you bottle feed piglets?

I only bottle feed a piglet if it is absolutely necessary for its survival.  Animals receive passive immunity from their mother's milk.  Without these antibodies, they have a harder time fighting off diseases and infections.  Bottle feeding an animal prevents them from receiving this health benefit because milk replacer and pasteurized milk do not contain these important antibodies. 

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