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Kimber Ranch's Breeding Program

My breeding program was developed with the help of my veterinarian.  None of my pigs are inbred, and I will never, ever inbreed my pigs.  Inbreeding may be convenient, but it does not give your pig the best genetics.  I want your pig to be born as healthy as possible so that your time with your pig is not cut short due to health issues. 

I choose my breeders based on three characteristics: size, conformation, and disposition.  I believe that there is more to a quality pet than just it's size.  I'd rather have a pig that weighs five pounds more that is very healthy and personable.  I also never keep a runt as a new breeder.  Although I find them absolutely adorable, they are generally not as healthy as the rest of the litter.  I don't want to pass on genes that might compromise future pigs' well beings. 

I do not breed my Juliana females until they are at least a year old.  Usually, they are even older.  I do this for two reasons.  First, Juliana miniature pigs, as with all other pigs, grow for over three years.  The most growth is seen in the first year.  After that, it's pretty minimal in comparison.  If the girls have their first litter at about a year and a half, I can give a pretty accurate description of their mature size.  This way, buyers can know what to expect from their piglet when they buy them.  Second, while there is medically nothing wrong with breeding that young, it does put a lot of stress on their bodies. 

Even though females can be bred up to three times a year, Kimber Ranch does not.  I feel that it's important to let my girls be pigs and have a break in between litters.  Even if there is a waitlist, I will not breed my girls immediately after they've had a litter.

Kimber Ranch's Breeder Pigs

It's always good to know what your pig's parents look like.  Below are pictures of my breeders and future breeders. 



Mu is one of my most laid back girls.  She's a nice, average size and loves to cuddle.  She flips over immediately for a belly rub.  Her babies tend to be mellow as well.


Julie is the pig on the left.  She loves attention and makes sure that she is the first one to get it.  She's a crack up.  She is a very good mother and produces beautifully colored babies.  This is a good picture for you to get a size comparison.  The girls are almost two in this picture.


Hippo has very unique markings.  Plus, she has a giant cowlick that keeps her mohawk up all of the time.  It's very cute.  She loves to run around her pen play in the mud. (She's a bit dirty in the picture below.)  She loves her pool and is always standing in it when we go feed them all dinner!  Her look has completely changed since she arrived with mange.  She has a thick, beautiful, shiny coat now.  


Minnie is out of Julie and Wilbur.  She had a beautiful orange colored coat that has faded as she's matured.  She's my little water bug; when she eats, she runs to her water dish after every bit and dunks her food.  She loves to make a mess, but it's pretty funny to watch.  The picture is of her as a teenager.  New picture coming soon.


Below is Molly.  She will wiggle into your lap if it means you'll give her more attention.  She loves people even more than other pigs.  Her coat is getting darker as she ages.  New picture coming soon.


June is a very quiet and sweet girl.  She has the funniest sounding grunts, too.  They're a higher pitch.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but she is covered in spots from a side angle.  Her face was just too sweet to not share in this picture!


Houdini is our little troublemaker.  She's always finding ways to get stuck or cause problems.  She's the class clown.  She's our shortest female and is an excellent mother.  While she's cuter in person, this is all that we could get because she's always so busy!



Bullzeye is out of Mu and Wilbur.  He's a total Romeo!  He loves the ladies.  Below is a picture of him as a teenager.  He's absolutely stunning, in my opinion.  He has a very sweet personality and great conformation. 

Tater Tot

Tater is out of Julie and Wilbur.  He is our smallest boar.  He is very kind and a great dad.  He has beautiful spotting!


Bugs is a slow moving, gentle pig.  He is very calm and kind and gets along with the ladies.  He has a hidden spunk that comes out in some of his babies.  Although he isn't too tall, he has big, muscular shoulders that add extra weight.

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