Kimber Ranch

Updated 12/1/15:  We are no longer breeding.  We have several breeders available.  If you are interested in a young pig, scroll down to see a list of recommended breeders.

Stitch has one blue eye.  He was born March 2, 2015 and weighed 20 lbs on November 14, 2014.  He is very spunky and friendly.  He has one blue eye and one eye that looks blue or hazel depending on the light.  He is a bit cross eyed, which is something that developed later.  We do not think it is a genetic trait, or we would not offer him up for sale as a breeder.  He is $2,400.  He is purebred, but I have not registered him.  Email for more photos.  Note that he is a boar and he therefore smells like a boar.  He is sweet, but he will most likely do best outside unless you are okay with your house smelling.  
We are very, very selective when selling all of our pigs, but we are especially selective when selling our breeders.  If interested, please email a lot of information about what you are looking for.

Retired Breeders
We have several pigs that will no longer be bred.  They will live a long and happy life at our ranch unless we find the perfect fit for their situation.  We will rehome them to pet only homes where they can be backyard pets.  LOCAL homes only as we are only comfortable sending them to a family that can come and meet the pig first.  Pig ages range from 2-5 years old.  

Baby Pigs
We are no longer breeding, but we HIGHLY recommend the following breeders.  All of them have excellent breeding programs and have receive breeders from us.
Local (CA): Bay Area Juliana Pigs (925) 765-5992  Litters expected this fall/ winter
Bella Juliana Ranch: (Oklahoma)  Contact Michelle (918) 695- 8946 Litter available now
Pine Meadows Juliana Pigs: (Utah)  Litter available now

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